Monday, 19 October 2009

What Facebook is Good For

Here’s a fact, or two. One in nine women will get breast cancer. One in three people will get cancer of some sort. This means that everyone will either suffer from cancer or have a loved one who goes through it. It’s just a part of life these days. And yet there is still an undertone of shame and fear attached to this illness.

I’ve often wondered what facebook is good for. Now I think I’ve figured it out. I started a facebook page called Chemo Chic. The Chemo Chic facebook page does not exist to promote my blog. Rather, I set it up as a place where anyone can go and discuss Chemo Chic stuff: make-up; recipes; wigs; grief; jokes… whatever you like.

There have been some excellent juice recipes posted recently, notably one for green lemonade, delicious, one presumes, with green eggs and ham.

And it’s not just for people who have had cancer, its for families and friends of people who have had cancer. The more we can exchange information and support one another the less shame and fear there will be.

If you’re reading this then please regard yourself as a friend of a person who has had cancer (me). I officially invite you to visit the Chemo Chic facebook page and use it as your own. Just click on the facebook button on the right.


Anonymous said...

Please can someone tell me how to send a link to all the people I think will love this blog? I keep telling my friends and family she's called 'Chemo Chic' but noone seems to be able to find it. Lots of Love, x

canalily said...

cut and paste this into an email:


Johnston Craig said...

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! (The Blog)
Gorgious! Gorgious! Gorgious! (You)

Stay positive, Stay Funny, Stay Well.

I don't know you but we have a lot in common . . .