Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Lashing Disappointment

It may have slipped past you in the previous post - the Revitalash has arrived. Once I manage to get rid of all my pesky friends I shred the Jiffy Bag with manky fingernails, fling the packaging aside and grasp the slim cylinder of magic potion. It’s the size of a small tube of mascara. As I scrabble to remove the safety seal Kalamari picks up the discarded box from the floor. She reads the directions on the side and then: CAUTION, followed by a long list of dire warnings including this: ‘WE RECOMMEND YOU NOT USE IF YOU ARE… ACTIVELY UNDERGIONG CANCER CHEMOTHERAPY’

Huh, thanks a lot. They didn’t mention that before I shelled out £66.95. And they have the cheek to put the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon on the box.

Oh well, I suppose I can wait another week.