Thursday, 15 October 2009

Trendsetting, Chemo Chic Style

Crocs n’Socks is catching on. Yesterday I bumped into my friend Katie who is a top fashion stylist. “That’s a great look,” she said, “where did you get those Crocs?” I beamed with pride and gushed, “I got them at Payless Shoes in Hobart.” “Oh,” replied Katie, looking a touch crestfallen, “They would look better with stripy socks. The Natural Shoe Store has some lovely ones in at the moment.”

I am a great believer in taking expert advice if it is offered, be it from a leading oncologist or a leading fashion stylist. In pre-celebration of my final chemo I stopped by the Natural Shoe Store and purchased two pairs of thick, warm, stripy socks. One pair in lime green and fuchsia, the other in black and grey. For good measure I then paid a visit to No. 242, the Indian shop on Portobello Road to buy a new scarf to go with my fabulous new Bella Freud jumper. “I’ll give you three for £13.50,” the man said. “Ok,” said I.