Thursday, 8 October 2009

Carrot Zinger

After a tiring chemotherapy session the absolutely best thing to get me back on my feet is a classic carrot and apple juice - with a twist.
Everything should be organic
3 big carrots
1 apple
half an unwaxed lemon
a piece of ginger, about an inch square

Cut everything into pieces small enough to fit into the feeder of your juice extractor. Put all through the juicer including the lemon, skin and all. If you’re using a masticating juicer put the pulp through the juicer again.


Anonymous said...

Darling, let's send a message about milk related products? Shall we? I saw my oncologist today and she was rather favourable about my idea of keeping off dairy products, I discussed Jane Plant with her, however, Jane didn't do random clinical trials, but there may be evidence of oestrogen related breast cancer relating to hormones fed to animals. I tried soya milk in tea today - it was yummy. I even bought soya milk yogurt! Keep going x. Hopefully speak, Lots of Love x