Monday, 12 October 2009

Miserable Monday

Mondays seem to be the low point in the Taxol cycle. But there's only
one more Miserable Monday to go.

I've spent most of today in bed. The graze on my foot has become
inflamed so it's difficult to walk or put on shoes. And to make
matters worse my laptop has become seriously ill in sympathy. Ted has
kindly offered to lend me an emergency Macbook but I haven't managed
to get dressed, let alone drag my sorry self over to Marylebone. So
I've been entirely marooned and cut off from the world all day,
feeling more and more self piteous, thus hastening the spiral of
depression. Sometimes the only thing for it is to wait for tomorrow
and start afresh. On the upside, I've discovered just how much one can
type with one finger on an iPhone.

Things I've done today:
Phoned Amsys and organised laptop repair. They will pick it up
tomorrow (I highly recommend this company if you ever need Apple Mac

Phoned the Department of Work and Pensions and argued pointlessly with
them about whether or not I should be included in a 'work related

Phoned a solicitor to find out if I really have to pay £6000 towards a
new roof (they will get back to me).

Spent an hour on the phone to someone at Apple in California trying to
work out why I couldn't send emails from my iPhone.

Slept a lot.

Made a big mess in the kitchen and spilt water all over the floor.

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Anonymous said...

Yoh Darling! You've done heaps - much more than me today. If you need help please ring me. It's a beautiful day today and I feel like eating some good nosh, the treat will be on me so let me know. lots of love "i" x