Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Action Stations

Since Mr P so generously offered to buy my airfare to Australia I’ve started having anxiety about everything related to the possibility of actually going. Will I be able to get there for Christmas? How will I get travel insurance? Should I rent out my flat whilst I’m away? What will I do with my car? What if I never work again? Will the earth inevitably be swallowed up by a black hole?

My phone bleeps. A text from Meg:

Dear Lily I am on shamanic course. The north who’s spirit is condor, eagle. I asked my teacher, of course about the feather. And she said that this is a gift from eagle , your healed piece yr healed self, a blueprint for u 2 hold. How great is that. She was in awe. In american indian , great steps follow when an eagle feather comes . Lvx xx

That sounds like an exceptionally positive outlook to me, whatever it means. I Skype Nick in Sydney. “Honey, I’m coming home. Book tickets to Hobart and we’ll go down to visit my mum.”

After days of lethargy, suddenly I’m all action. Suddenly I'm facing the future, not the past.

I call Trailfinders. Everything is booked up but they can get me on a flight on Christmas Day. I’ll take it. I send an email to Mr P.

I hope he hasn’t changed his mind.