Monday, 19 October 2009

Not so Fast

I am sooooooo tired. Thinking that the chemo is all over and I would be back to normal I booked in several appointments today. First, a committee meeting about a charity event then a surprise birthday lunch for my friend Sumaira and finally the movies with Sheldon.

Having fallen asleep at seven-thirty last night, I jump out of bed at the crack of ten. I make a divine fennel, grape and lime juice, run the juicer parts under the cold tap and hop in the bath. Ten minutes later I hear splashing. It sounds like it’s coming from somewhere quite close by. I ponder for a while on what it might be. I’m hesitant to get out of the bath because last time I did that I slipped and fell, injuring my foot and cracking my head. But finally I feel that I must investigate.

The kitchen sink is overflowing and there’s an inch deep puddle all over the floor. I skip about chucking down every towel and tea towel that I own, empty the bath and then pile the sopping textiles into the tub.

What has become clear to me is that the chemo has not yet left my body. Nor my brain.