Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Hat for Yoga

For several weeks I’ve been thinking about going back to my yoga class. But I’m afraid. I don’t really know of what. That it will hurt? That it will be too difficult? That I will fall over and look foolish?

Yesterday as Iris and I loaded up our trolley at Sainsbury’s, Siobhan my yoga teacher appeared in the ‘fruits’ section. She was really pleased to see me, as I was to see her. “Lily, how lovely to see you,” she said. “I’m coming to class tomorrow,” I blurted before Iris could stamp on my foot. I’m a great believer in synchronicity. I took that encounter as a sign.

A consideration... I can’t stand on my head wearing a wig. So what kind of headgear does one wear to yoga? A turban would be the right look, but would it stay on? The crocheted snoods are too chunky. They might dig in to one’s scalp. A scarf may be too slippy. My Terry towelling sleeping cap seems to be the right choice.

So, this morning I set off to yoga class at Innergy. I was the only person who turned up for the class. It got better. As I extracted my purse from my handbag, Siobhan held up her hand and said “This one’s on me.” I am continually delighted by how incredibly generous everybody has been whilst I’ve been ill.

Yoga didn’t hurt. Some of it was too difficult but I just did what I could. I fell over and looked foolish and we laughed our heads off.

Now I’m on the lookout for a yoga hat.


follower said...

How about a soft felt cloche?

canalily said...

That sounds lovely. Do you know where to get one?