Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Keep Your Hair On

After a committee meeting about our forthcoming Halloween fundraiser, Flossie, Pete and I go for dinner at the Number One Thai Café. They cook delicious, fresh and tasty food. I always have the steamed Thai dumplings with a sweet sauce, followed by Mee Hoon soup with chicken and prawns. It is filling yet delicate and refreshing. I am overjoyed to be able to appreciate such refinements of flavour. Only a few weeks ago everything that passed my lips tasted like metallic cotton wool.

As Pete is telling us about how he goes for three days without eating chocolate biscuits and then relapses in an orgy of indulgence and self-loathing, my temperature shoots through the roof. My face turns red and I begin to sweat. I am on the verge of tearing my damned wig off in the middle of the restaurant. Only concern for Pete’s precarious psychological condition induces me to keep my hair on.

Speaking about food, this is pretty funny...

From: Ben

Subject: Ha Ha

Pictures of Food advertising and the reality of the product.

Had me in stitches and at one point covering my eyes in shock!


Make sure to read the short descriptions.

My favourite photo is of the McDonald's Sausage Burrito. I feel sorry for the poor little thing.


Shilpa said...

Ew sooo gross but also hilariously funny !