Saturday, 19 September 2009

Short and Sweet

Flossie and I went to a party last night. It was in a smart West End nite-spot.

Deciding what to wear was challenging. I’m now at a stage where I am comfortable about my appearance when I’m with my friends. But last night I was felt conscious that I would be on parade in front of strangers. I tried on the Cappucino bob with a Vivienne Westwood jacket and jeans. Too severe. Then I tried the red wig with a linen dress. Too casual. I discarded the wigs and tied my head in a pirate scarf with red skulls printed all over it. I teamed that with an olive green jersey dress with a giant beaded leaf motif on the front, by Antik Batik. And Tango Red lipstick. This eccentric ensemble turned out to be the winner.

After dinner Justin plucked at my arm. "Lily," he said in a low voice, "when this chemo thing is all over..." he stopped, mid-sentence. "Yes Justin?" I said, trying to draw out his meaning. "Can I have that scarf?" he blurted. I considered for a minute. "Tell you what," I said, "I will cut it in two and we can have half each."

At the party I drank a glass of fizzy mineral water. Flossie had a Coke. We looked around at all the people. “Ok, let’s go home now” I said. “Ok,” said Flossie.

The host spotted us on our way out the door. “You leaving already?” he said. “Yes. Goodnight,” we replied and skipped up the stairs. That may have seemed a touch rude but I was so proud of myself for managing half-an-hour.

It feels like another milestone in my recovery.


jeanie said...

i'll bet you looked AWEsome! =)