Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Cost of Living

A letter arrives from the Tenant Management Organisation. It seems that my building needs a new roof and could I cough up £6,120.53 towards the cost please? As far as I’m concerned this building has needed a new roof ever since I’ve lived here. They sure know how to pick their moments.

The travel writer Redmond O’Hanlon wrote a book called Carry on Up the Congo or something.* In it he stays in a rural Congolese village. One of the sons of the village, amidst great excitement, goes off to live and work in the town. But after only a few months, he comes back. Asked about his change of heart the disillusioned young man replies “Redmond, it’s crazy in the town. You have to pay money to live in a house.”

* It’s called ‘Congo Journey’