Tuesday, 29 September 2009

C15th Chemo Chic!

I decide not to wear mascara today. Nearly all my eyelashes have fallen out now. Painting two or three odd lashes here and there just looks silly. To make matters worse, I’ve lost more on the right eye than on the left. So applying mascara creates a somewhat Clockwork Orange effect.

I find that my eyebrows look more natural when filled in with light coloured powder and a soft brush. I just touch the brush very lightly along the brow line. An eyebrow pencil makes a harsher mark. When there are not many hairs to blend it into it creates a hard line that looks phoney.

Once there was a time when having no brows or lashes was all the rage.

Rogier van der Weyden c.1435 Lady wearing a Gauze Headdress

Rogier van der Weyden 1455 Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of Mary of Burgundy C15


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing up your account of what's been happening; I understand. I hope beauty finds you today, tomorrow and forever - again, again and again. Gosh we've had the same consultant! I wish I could write to you without heaps of people reading; perhaps we'll meet by mistake, I also live in the same area. Take care, x

canalily said...

Hello there. I think you can email me if you want to. If you click on 'view my complete profile' in the right hand column then a page should come up with various bits of information including a link that says 'email'. Try it and see. Regards, Canalily

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I've written to you from my yahoo account x