Thursday, 17 September 2009

Growing Orchids

I love growing orchids. There’s always something new happening with them. Some are budding, some are sending out long shoots or wild tentacle-like air roots all over the place. Others are dropping their dead flowers and going into hibernation. At the moment my yellow orchid has sprouted two stems with branches covered in buds. It’s so exciting to inspect them every morning and see the exquisite little orchid flowers opening up their new faces to the world. I say “hello my beauties” to let them know that they are welcome.


Dazz said...

Ive just noticed new buds on my orchid too - first time ever!Such a wonderful feeling, so looking forward to seeing them bloom.
Love your pictures - so beautiful.

canalily said...

Will you post a picture of them on the chemo chic facebook page?