Saturday, 24 July 2010

Recovering, With Love

I slept for most of yesterday and most of today.

Friends are kind. Sheldon has just left. We went for a walk along the canal and drank sage tea at Maramia, the Palestinian café on Golborne Road. The late afternoon was warm and still. It felt good to be out in the world for the first time in three days. Back at home we had my favourite dinner of baked organic salmon with brown rice, cucumber and seaweed salad (recipes are elsewhere on this blog). Then we watched the brilliant but disturbing Badlands with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek. Another film about a charming sociopath type! Anyway, I’ve decided that for the time being I need to give psychologically messed up movies a miss. Stick to comedies and light romance.

Jamie picked me up from the hospital yesterday morning. My stay there was unsettling. Apart from the fact of having a general anaesthetic and being cut open, never at the top of my list of fun things to do, it was strange to be back in a place that held so many memories. I felt a longing for my life before I ever knew about the cancer. I was a happy then.

Nurse Tiziana cared for me a year ago. She was genuinely pleased to see me again and to hear that I am all clear. Ben, Iris and Sheldon took turns visiting so the time flew by.

I was glad to leave, although a little afraid of going home alone. Ben came over, brought a curry and stayed the night. In the morning I thanked him. “I didn’t do anything Lily,” he protested. But his just being there was all I needed.


Follower said...

And your readers are here for you too Lily, as we check in and are inspired and touched by your straight-talking vulnerability and honesty.