Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lily’s Stress Reduction Programme: Day 1

Singing: Daisy knocks on the door. It seems like ages since we sang together. That’s because it has been ages. I flick the kettle on, load the cd and pretty soon we are leaping around the living room warbling scales and arpeggios like a couple of nightingales.

Food: For lunch I visit the Rainforest Café. It opened at Urban Bliss, Portobello Road, whilst I was out of the country and sells fresh, home made raw food.

Friends: Sheldon called from the fishmonger’s. “Salmon or halibut, Lily?” He brings fresh halibut and I bake it with olive oil and lime juice. Ben, Sheldon and I watch Holland beat Uruguay (poetic justice).

Things I got for free today: A singing lesson. A sublime, bespoke scent.


Anonymous said...

the scent sounds absolutely lovely!
love Lily