Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Chemo Curls

Nurse Lottie did warn me: “Your hair might grow back curly.” It makes me think that the chemo must get into one’s very DNA.

I have been hoping that, as my hair grows longer, it might straighten out of its own accord. It is about three inches long now. Today I washed it and applied three different products: Paul Yacomine Micro Treatment Oils; Trevor Sorbie Straigthening Addic Smoothing Balm and PACT Impact Fiber Styling Cream (no I haven’t bothered to gen up on the ingredients). But my hair is still just a big curly bouffe.

Well, I regard this as a high class problem.


Emma Delaney said...

The chemo damages the hair follicle. It will probably drop out, but it might take a year, apparently.

Surely this is what hair straighteners were invented for?


canalily said...

Well that is interesting news... tell me more?

As for the straighteners, I did have a pair of those very expensive GHB ones. I gave them away thinking "I will never need these"

Emma Delaney said...

I don't know the science, but I believe the type of hair you have is determined by the shape of your hair follicles, which obviously get damaged by the chemo - that's why it all falls out! My mums took a year but went straight again. Mine is only an inch long but has some funny kinks appearing... If your friends want to know what to buy you for birthday/Christmas, GHDs might need to be on the list!

canalily said...

Not GHB?

Emma Delaney said...

You can try out GHB if you like but it won't fit with your all-organic lifestyle! I'm sticking with the Good Hair Day straighteners! ;-) xx