Thursday, 8 July 2010

Oh, Magnificent Moth

Look who I found on my front doorstep.


Anonymous said...

I would love that, I have collected some beautiful butterflies, moths and bugs. We all miss you here.
Lots of love

canalily said...

Yes, I thought of you, Lily, when I saw this moth. It was enormous, about 7cm across.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Mine aren't that impressive but I think they're beautiful.
Love Lily

Sally said...

I have identified the moth as the brown form of the Lime Hawk-moth
Mimas tiliae
It flies in May and June, and is often attracted by light.
You can see images of the green form at
You might be interested, Lily.
Sometimes at my place big moths beat their wings against the window pane trying to come to the light inside.

canalily said...

Wow Sally. How did you figure that out? It makes sense that this is a Lime moth. Outside my flat there are two lime trees and a silver birch, apparently this moth's favourite habitat. But I have never seen one until now.