Saturday, 15 August 2009

Wigs, at Last!

From: Canalily

Subject: Wigs, at last!

The wig voucher has arrived!

It has been to three different postcodes. Someone kindly opened it and sent it on to me.

Shall we try to go today or on Monday?

From: Iris

Subject: Re: Wigs, at last!

We can go this afternoon if you like call and see if they are open and I'll meet you in a few hours - I just got up, I have a sleep disorder haha

From: Canalily

Subject: Re: Wigs, at last!

Oh bugger. The wig makers are only in on Monday so I have to call then to make an appointment.

Before I can press send on this last one the phone rings... “Well, are we going to get the wig?”