Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Big Day - Part 3

7.00 p.m. I’m back at Kell Skott’s salon on Golborne Road. His lovely wife Jacqueline is there. They both give me a welcoming hug. I’m popping in and out so often lately, they’re starting to feel like family.

I don’t think Kell is aware that he’s running a special ‘three for the price of one’ promotion this evening. First, I ask him to get the clippers out and give me a number one crop. There really isn’t all that much else to be done now. I could shave my head completely but I still hang back from that.

Kell starts at the back of my neck with the clippers, then puts them aside and opts to do the whole thing with the scissors. Making things as difficult as possible for themselves is a matter of pride with hairdressers.

Next I don the dark bob. Kell chops into the fringe and thins out the sides, giving it a delightfully messy-chic look. Then comes the red mop. I’m still dubious but Kell thinks it perfect just as it is. He thins some of the front sections, just for the hell of it, and then runs some hair wax through it. Who would ever have thought of waxing a wig? Suddenly it looks rock and roll. Suddenly I like it.