Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Barcelona - Day 2

In the last 48 hours we have done quite a lot of hanging around in the alley outside Jean-Claude’s apartment. At about ten p.m. Miranda went down there and came across two English girls in their bikinis. They had been robbed. Apart from a police report, they had nothing. They couldn’t find their hotel nor remember the name of it. Miranda says, “there is always somebody worse off...”

We are finally in the flat. The third locksmith that came was a proper craftsman with proper lock-picking tools. He picked the lock on the street door then drilled out the lock on the apartment door.

Eloise sits down on a cushion on the floor and begins drawing intently. Ten minutes later she approaches me. “Aunty Lily, the card I made you was in our bag that got stolen so I’ve made you another one” On the front of the card is a multi coloured heart. I open it. Inside there is a drawing of three flower stems, one growing a purple tulip, one growing a heart that says I Love You and one growing a pink star. There is also the following inscription: “dere Leeley I do not wont you to be sike and I Love you so I am sending you this card Love EloisE to Leely.” Tears are running down my face. “What’s wrong Aunty Lily?” asks Eloise. “Eloise, this is the nicest card I’ve ever had.”