Saturday, 29 August 2009

Peas Please

So far, so good with the new chemo regime. I don’t feel sick at all. Just rather tired.

As a precaution I’ve removed all the flourescent pink varnish from my fingers and toes. A minute examination reveals lots of tiny ridges running the length of my fingernails. Could this be the beginning of manky nail syndrome?

I’ve been on the internet, of course, and read up on all the horror stories: nails turning black; spooning; cracking; peeling; falling off and just plain disappearing. I’ve also read up on prevention. It seems that the best thing to do is ice one’s hands and feet whilst having the chemo. That makes sense. I guess it works in the same way as the ice hat, that is to say, by restricting blood circulation to the extremities thereby reducing the amount of chemicals to reach those parts.

Except the ice hat didn’t work - but maybe that’s because I’m such a natural hothead.

I will go out tomorrow and get one of those insulated freezer bags and several packets of frozen peas to create my DIY nail preserver.