Monday, 14 December 2009

Temptress be Gone

From: Iris

To: Canalily

Subject: link

It’s a blog! A woman photographs her breakfast every day. Simple. Beautiful. And every photo features a slice of toast dripping with melted butter, or a bowl of granola with creamy yoghurt or a steaming mug of lovely milky tea.


Anonymous said...

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canalily said...

I would love to know the meaning of this.

canalily said...

Hmmm. I pasted it into babelfish.
It seems to be some sort of existential Japanese porn poem. Quite interesting:

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Anonymous said...

how dare anybody leave such a disgusting mean message on your beautiful blog. hope you are ok jessica, peace be with you, lots of love x

canalily said...

Oh I don't know. It is rather esoteric. If one displayed this as a slide projection at the Serpentine Gallery I bet it would draw the crowds.

Mark Adim said...

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