Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dream Liner

Inika Mineral Eye Liner (1.2g - £11.50)

In the past I rarely used eyeliner. The pencils would always wear down and then, at the moment I wanted to quickly slap on a lick of colour and run out the door I would find myself tearing my bathroom apart in the vain hunt for a pencil sharpener. After the eyepencils had spent a few months scribbling their colours all over the inside of my makeup bag I would throw them away in irritation.

As for the liquid – even if I could ever hold my hand still enough to apply it without painting a wobbly black line all over my face I found that it would crack as it dried down, creating a creepy snakeskin effect on my upper eyelids.

But now I’m having a new romance with Inika Mineral Eye Liners. The pencils are soft enough to go on smoothly without scratching or dragging, yet not so soft that they smudge all over my eyes. The colours are subtly beautiful. I started off with a shimmering sage one that really enhances my greenish-grey eyes. I love it and wear it most days. Remember what they say about any addiction, whether it be Bacardi Breezers, crack cocaine or eye pencils: “One is too many and a thousand never enough.” Today I purchased my second Inika eyeliner. This one is a rich, dark sapphire blue colour. I sweep it along my top lid and shazam – dramatic evening makeup in a minute.

Best of all, these pencils have a little sharpener built into the lid. So I’ve no excuse for not bothering to wear it.

Monday, 24 January 2011

New Year, New Chemo Chic

Ha! I know what you’ve been thinking: “Now that Lily’s hair is 20cm long she's so busy swooshing it about all over the place that she doesn’t have time for me any more. Well maybe I shall just go off and start reading another blog."

No so fast my fickle friend. I’m still here.

I do truly apologise for being so inattentive over the last few weeks. First it was Christmas and then, if I’m honest, I was so relieved to see the back of 2010 – possibly the worst year of my life – that for a while there I didn’t want to even think about this blog or anything related to breast cancer or Nasty Nick.

Since the new year I've been working on my book and a secret new blog - which I will tell you all about, soon – then, as you may notice if you look around you, redesigning Chemo Chic (please tell me what you think).

But my absence from Chemo Chic has thrown into sharp focus a fact that I have been aware of for some time: that I cannot do it all on my own.

And really, why would you want me to? For me, Chemo Chic has so far been a vehicle for sharing what I have learned along the way - things that I wish I’d known back at the beginning. Yes, I’ve learned a lot but I’m not some kind of oracle who knows it all. To be properly diverse and continually helpful, Chemo Chic needs your input as well as mine.

It has long been my wish that Chemo Chic would not be simply the story of Lily, rather, that my experiences with breast cancer would serve as a jumping off point. I really want to develop Chemo Chic into an online hangout for all women (and men!) with breast cancer. I don’t mean a forum where we go to have a moan or tell one another what to do. Nor do I mean a useful and worthwhile information site with the answers to all our BC related queries, like Breast Cancer Care.

No, I want Chemo Chic to simply be more of what it already is: How to be fabulous when you’re bald and feeling sick-as-a-hungover-dog; how to tie a turban; to shave or not to shave?; make-up tips; wig information; how to stay fit; what to wear to the chemo suite and cancer-busting recipes. In other words: a guide to surviving breast cancer with style.

If you have found a parabens free beauty product that you love, or have a recipe for a non-dairy dessert, or a top tip on where to get wigs, or you simply have a great story to tell about your own experience or you sister’s your mother’s or your best friend’s then please email it to me and I will publish it on Chemo Chic (photos are also welcome).

Looking forward to hearing from you.


p.s. Wishing you a wonderful year in 2011