Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Future Starts Here

I started writing this blog following my own diagnosis with breast cancer in May 2009. Now, three years later, it's time to move on - and to give something back.

My story has been told, both on this blog and in my book The Elegant Art of Falling Apart [Hachette, Australia; Unbound, UK].

But the Chemo Chic story continues with the launch of The Chemo Chic Project.

The Chemo Chic Project is about living well, now, in this moment. It's about looking great despite our hair falling out. It's about eating delicious and health-giving food. It's about getting through the tears and laughter that each day brings, sharing the load and helping one another. 

Here you’ll find useful information on everything from tying scarves and finding natural and organic make-up, to accessing benefits to meditation techniques and simple, healthy but delicious recipes. There are also links to all of the most helpful and fantastic cancer related websites on our Address Book page.

Chemo Chic is for everyone who has experienced cancer – now or in the past. Chemo Chic is for everyone whose friend, family member or loved one has experienced cancer – now or in the past. In short, Chemo Chic is for everyone.

We want YOUR input. From your tales of wigs to recipes to make-up tips or brushes with crazy cancer cures - your experience will make all the difference to someone else who is yet to face the trauma and triumph of becoming totally Chemo Chic.

Together, we can create a brilliant resource for anyone going through the trauma of cancer. If you have a story that can inspire others, or just some good practical experience, then you have something to offer to The Chemo Chic Project. 

I sincerely thank you for your support, love and attention over the past three years. Please come over and visit The Chemo Chic Project website.

Chemo Chic is not about me, its about sharing what I've learned. Now I am asking you to do the same - Jessica Jones, founder of The Chemo Chic Project.


Sally said...

This is such a great idea - thank you Jessica!

Ari said...

Hello, my name is Ari, I am a survivor (so far...) of two cancers, a widower of a cancer victim (now re-married..) and is dedicated to fighting cancer, and helping others do so.
I lived in Toronto, Canada (my family is in southern California), and last year, after marriage, I moved to the Philippines. I am majority owner of a Dialysis clinic, and built a unique cancer clinic, the one I dreamt of having when my first wife was struggling. I took her to Mexico clinics twice, for treatments (which were very successful!), talked to dozens of physicians, and always found lack of properly equipped clinics, which could do a lot better if they were.
Along the way, I have gained insight of how proper Hyperthermia should be applied. This is a method which doubles the success rate of conventional therapies, and alternative ones as well, provided it is done properly. I have purchased the most powerful device for this, and added two other types of devices, which when applied in the right order, prevent a process of DE-sensitizing of cancer cells to the effects of specific frequency hyperthermia. We also do mild whole body hyperthermia in order to strengthen the immune system (with no side effects),and help reach the right thermo-therapeutic levels within the tumour.(the right temperature simply destroys the tumour...). There are also other aspects to this, biological ones, which for lack of commercial incentive (UN-patentable..) is not pursued by multinational pharmaceutical corporations which control all medical research in the field.
I also introduced other forms of immunotherapy, and alternative cytotoxic elements, such as Helixor, a mistletoe extract, which has three times better success rate then most chemo agents, without the side effects.
I can give information about many clinics I learned about, (mainly in Mexico and Germany
If you are interested in getting free advice, please feel free to contact me, @ advancedcancertherapies@yahoo.com
Ari Idan

prosolution review said...

Hi,if u don't mind then i am asking some question related with breast cancer.please i need some suggestion on this topic..Well cancer cell is the abnormality or extra growth of cells. When it takes place in breast how to detect it very early? Because I am doing a project in developing a system in this. I want to know how the breast cancers are now diagnosing and how early it could be done. Early in the sense, when the extra cell starts growing that early stage. Friends please help me. I am dying a lot, I didn't get a clue on this. Please give some doctors contact or site related to this. I am getting screwed...

canalily said...

Hello prosolution,
This is not a medical website. If you have questions about research being undertaken in the field of cancer I suggest you contact a research organisation such as Cancer Research UK: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/home/

Jan Richardson said...

Ladies, please get check ups regularly to try to minimize your chance of getting breast cancer, at this stage this is the best we can do.

Leonora said...

take care when changing your diet do it gradually I went overboard with making smoothies and only eating fruit and veg but I suffer with IBS and it triggered all that off, In the end i went back to normal diet but drank loads more water which is obviously good for us and I was ok with chemo until the last 3 I chose to sleep through it all and watch films to get lost in it took my mind off it all. My hair has come back multicoloured, grey, ginger and brown quite nice actually a little more wavey but It took a long time to grow back I thought i was not going to get my fringe back as that grew back last.

carole said...

I finished chemotherapy in October 2012 and since then I have changed my medication twice and am now on Tamoxifen.

I do suffer with dry mouth and things still taste bland I have to drink alot to keep my mouth moist, I wonder if anyone else has had this?

carol said...

I tried immune boosting music cds before having chemo I found it comforting and it may have helped. I had never heard of them before then apparently it is music that has a beat or drumming that sort of thing.

carole said...

I finished chemotherapy in October 2012 and since then I have changed my medication twice and am now on Tamoxifen.

I do suffer with dry mouth and things still taste bland I have to drink alot to keep my mouth moist, I wonder if anyone else has had this?

Unknown said...
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This is such a great idea - thanks

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