Sunday, 15 August 2010

Product Replacement - Part 2


I currently use: MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15, ingredients unknown.

Jane Iredale was one of the first companies to develop a full range of mineral-based make-up. Minerals cannot be certified as organic but the ingredients list is quite harmless. This is a light, silky tinted moisturiser that can also be used as a primer for a heavier base. The primary ingredient is Titanium Dioxide, which means that it provides a SPF of 15.

This is heavier than the Jane Iredale but still very light. It only comes in three shades so you might not find one that is right for your skin tone. Great list of natural ingredients. No SPF.

I’m pleased to say that, when it comes to developing great natural and organic cosmetics, Antipodean companies are in the vanguard. Nvey products are certified by Organic Food Chain. The makers pledge that their products contain no Parabens; SLS; Propylene Glycol or Petroleum oils. They are free of GM ingredients and not tested on animals. Great credentials. This is a proper foundation with a silky finish. Quite a good range of colours.

If you’re going for the full-glamour flawless matte finish use this primer and foundation together. The ingredients sound like the contents of a physic garden.


I currently use: Benefit Dandelion

Because powder blushers can be easily made entirely of mineral ingredients there is no need for them to contain any preservatives whatsoever. Nevertheless my Benefit powder blusher contains methylparaben; butylparaben; ethylparaben; isobutylparaben and propylparaben along with talc; polyethylene; phenoxyethanol; alumina and a few other suspicious-sounding ingredients that aren’t even listed on the Environmental Working Group’s chemical database. I'm just amazed to find that my innocent looking cheek powder is a fizzing cocktail of carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. Why? 

I have enough of this product left to last me about a year. Even though I bought it only recently at a cost of A$54 I think I’m going to have chuck it. There are a lot of contenders in the natural powder blusher category, all of them perfectly good. The one that came closest in tone to ‘Dandelion’ is: