Sunday, 3 January 2010

Latest Tips

The longer Chemo Chic continues the more people get in touch with their own stories, advice and tips that I only wish I had known when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lorraine writes to tell me about Cancer Hair Care, a charity started by her hairdresser Jasmin Julia Gupta. This is a fabulous website packed with information on hair loss, wigs, re-growth, colouring hair and faking eyebrows and lashes.

Lorraine has posted further information on the Chemo Chic Facebook page.

Whilst on the subject I want to again mention Made for Life Days. These free pamper days are organised by the Made for Life Foundation to offer a bit of TLC to women undergoing cancer treatments.


Mel said...

Hi Canalily, thank you for your blog. I'm new to this so haven't read all, just todays. I have had breast cancer. Last year now, thank God. I have started a blog of my own I am trying to make some sense out of what has happened to me. The TTY stands for TRUE TO YOURSELF. have a look, and maybe we can exchange thoughts and feelings about stuff. Mel