Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Another Country

I am reading Another Country by Nicolas Rothwell. Strange to say I used to know Nicolas, many years ago in London. In the author photo on the back of the book he looks unchanged.

I once wondered what had become of him. Now I know. He moved to Darwin and became an outstanding writer. An Englishman, Nicolas Rothwell writes about Australia with expressive clarity and a deep, emotional understanding of this land that is a joy to read. Another Country stirs my heart. It excites my mind. The stories make me yearn to travel in this ancient place as much I can in the short time that I am to be here. I want to find a partner to participate in the adventure to come. Who might I meet in Sydney?

If nothing else, Nick has been instrumental in my coming home to Australia. I thank him for that.

My recent experiences have left me shaken but not broken. I am determined not to allow myself to become bitter or untrusting in the future. I don’t yet know who my new lover will be. But I do know two things for certain: that he will be a man who knows himself and that he will have a connection with my country.


Anonymous said...

You and your thoughts are so beautiful and inspiring; I thank you.

Unknown said...

Take a step back there. Ask the question is your future in London or Australia. Do you consider yourself English or Australian? I always warn people against marrying a "foreigner" - one partner will always end up on the wrong side of the world sometimes with angst. Not all Australians are "transportable" - and the same for Brits.