Friday, 14 May 2010

Get With the Programme

Storm clouds by cjohnson7 
Fear of having my first follow-up scans is haunting my mind. If I could run down to Harley Street and have them RIGHT NOW, I would (it’s 2 a.m.). I want them out of the way so I can get on with my life. And if the news is not good... well I would rather know than not. But my appointment is scheduled for Monday so I have a long weekend in prospect.

I have lost a lot of weight. I tell myself that could be caused by emotional distress and smoking. I wake up sweating in the night. Fear? A side effect of Tamoxien? I find myself fingering a lump under my arm. Mr Hargreaves said it is just scar tissue.

In all likelihood I am well and clear of cancer. My chances are excellent. But am I jinxing myself by saying that? ...and so the obsessive thoughts go around.

I try not to worry. How, exactly, does one do that?

In the rehab I met a hilarious woman called Vic. She has a great technique. We named it ‘The Vic Flick’. Whenever a self-defeating thought crosses her mind Vic says, “thanks for the information” and flicks a finger, like a windscreen wiper, across her forehead.

My forehead is becoming a touch chafed.

I guess that the best thing that I can do is renew my commitment to positive daily action.

So I have devised the official Canalily weight gain diet:

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Eat lots


Anonymous said...

What would NHS patients make of this post? Patience is a virtue? Or a death threat to be dealt with when someone finally wakes up?

canalily said...

I'm not sure that I understand what you're referring to here. Care to elaborate?