Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Hello, Hello. It's Good to be Back

Please accept my apologies for leaving you hanging for soooo long. I’ve been head-down, working on my book (written under the name of my alter-ego, Jessica Jones). And I am proud to report that the book is now FINISHED and has been sent to the publisher.

So, what’s it all about? Well, if you’ve read this blog you already know: cancer and heartbreak.

No, wait! Come back! It is not a misery memoir. Yes, there’s been some tough stuff going on in the life of Lily during the last couple of years. But there has also been a huge amount of laughter, love and friendship and all-round Chemo Chicness. I hope that, in the end, this is what my book is really about.

To give you a bit more insight, here is the cover blurb:


A story of love, loss and laughter

To Do:

Get kicked out of school

Booze and drugs


Bad boys

Travel the world

Fall in love with ‘the one’

Breast cancer


Start again...

Inspiring, unflinchingly honest, and laugh out loud hilarious, The Elegant Art of Falling Apart shows us how, sometimes, we have to lose everything to understand that the moment is all we have.  And living that moment with style, grace and a damn good lipstick is all that matters.

Jessica Jones had a complicated life. Booze, cocaine, bad boyfriends – it was a rollercoaster ride of what self help writers call ‘opportunities for growth’ But she got way from all that. She rebuilt her career, became prosperous and, at last, found happiness in a wonderful, new relationship.

Just when things were almost perfect... she learned that she had breast cancer. Jessica did what she’s always done, she got through it. After seven months of gruelling treatments she travelled from London to Sydney to begin a three-month holiday of a lifetime with her gorgeous man - only to find herself plunged into a different, and totally unexpected, life crisis.

Jessica’s story of courage, friendship and laughter gives us all hope that, no matter what, we can always start again.

Can’t wait to get a copy? Me neither!

We will just have to hang on for a few more months. The Elegant Art of Falling Apart will be published by Hachette Australia in October 2011.

Until then, please join The Elegant Art of Falling Apart facebook page to be kept up-to-date with all the exciting developments.


Iris said...

Oh about f**king time x

Anonymous said...

I've just read the chapter teaser put out by Hachette and LOVED it!! Your writing is so clear, your voice wry and funny but poignant too. Can't wait to read the whole thing!

canalily said...

Thank you anonymous. Please join The Elegant of Art Facebook page. I will post updates there letting you know how / when / where you will be able to get a copy.

You too Iris!