Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rest in Peace Little Dog

I have very sad news: the best dog in the whole world, Chilli, has died

She was very old.

Chilli was a Chihuahua with the heart of a lion. She loved the people she loved with a fierce abandon, everybody else she treated with disdain or outright aggression. Chilli would think nothing of seeing off a Staffie or an Alsatian with frenzied yaps or nipping the hand of an intrusive child who bent to pat her nose.

But I count myself lucky to have been included in the limited ranks of those whom Chilli found acceptable. She always greeted me with great affection and would even go so far as to try to burrow under my thighs if I was sitting on the sofa.

Chilli had a fabulous life fossicking through the parks of central London and riding around with Iris in the front seat of my car. She had some kind of fit or stroke this morning and died in Iris’s arms.

I will miss her very much and I cannot imagine Iris without Chilli yapping by her side.

p.s. If you would like to honour Chilli's memory you could do worse than to make a donation to the Blue Cross, who took care of her veterinary needs all her life.


Anonymous said...

Aw, i'm sorry to here this. Remember the great times...a lot of animals live short miserable lives due to man's treatment; at least this spunky little one had a great life :)

canalily said...

That is very true.

Iris said...

Thank you but less of the old - she was 35 years younger than you!

sanchi said...

Agree with Iris .. :)