Monday, 19 April 2010

Poor Little Thing

Whilst I have been away there have been some very sad developments with little Lola the pug puppy. She scratched her eye and it became infected. After seeing the local vet she was taken to the Small Animal Specialist Hospital at Ryde. Today Lyla, Lily, Samantha and I went to collect her. Getting to Ryde involves simply driving through three tunnels. A journey that in the past took at least and hour took us twenty minutes. Samantha, however, has tunnel anxiety so I drove.

Mark the vet ushers us all into a small room. He tells us that Lola has a congenital defect that means she does not produce any tears. Tears are the eyes’ natural anti-bacterial cleanser. So when Lola scratched her eye it became infected straight away. He had operated on her cornea but the infection had spread to the back of her eye. It is likely that Lola will be blind in that eye.


Pattaya Girls b said...

that sucks, how can u prevent that happening to her remaining good eye ? artificial tears every few hours perhaps ?

canalily said...

Yes she had drops and ointments every two hours but to no avail. Last weekend we had to rush her back to hospital where the surgeons removed her eye. She seems as right as rain now, with one eye. Bouncier and wigglier than ever. It has been a very sad business though.