Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Dodgy Digit

On the day of Mandy and Tony’s wedding I rushed to Star Nails in Double Bay for an emergency superglue toenail repair. To my amazement their good work lasted until this morning when my right big toenail finally fell off. I gaze dolefully at the remaining fluorescent pink stump. “Well that’s that,” says Samantha, “Good riddance. Look at it as the end of the chemo.”

I shall.


Lady Melbury said...

Remember me? Well, I did it..I ran the Virgin London Marathon, for Macmillan Cancer Support, in 5:10:01 and so far have raised just over £3,100.00 !! However, just seen your post re toenails. Mine are blue/black and jolly sore but from running a stupidly long way ;) I'm intrigued by the whole 'falsies' idea .. not sure if mine will fall off but they certainly don't look too clever! Ewwww...Not the best of conversations to start your day with I know..sorry :) Best wishes