Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Green Shoots

My hair is sprouting like a rocket, so to speak. On top it's still fluff but on the side I discover a small lock growing over the top of my ear! It is almost an inch long now and looks like it's going to be grey all over. For all I know my hair might have gone grey when I was seventeen years old. I surely haven't seen its natural colour since then.

So far there's nothing to report on the eyelash front but in a certain light I think I can detect the wispy shadow of an eyebrow.

Whilst having radiotherapy I am under strict instructions not to shave my armpits. There is nothing there to shave anyway. As for my legs and 'bikini line', I'm watching like a hawk. As soon as any little hairs raise their infant heads toward the sun I'll be ready to pounce and rip them out.