Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Touching and Generous Gift

My cousin Gaby had / has (I’m not sure of the correct tense in this case) a good friend, Marianne. Marianne’s mother and sister both died from cancer. Marianne nursed each of them in turn. When Gaby fell ill, Marianne flew from America to nurse her too. Marianne was with Gaby on the day she died.

I saw Marianne at Gaby’s memorial service only six weeks ago. I was wearing a vintage 1970’s pendant in the shape of an owl. Marianne remarked on the pendant: “That’s great. My grandmother used to wear jewellery like that. She left me some pieces in her will.”

This morning a package arrived from the USA. Inside were two of Marianne’s grandmother’s pendants, one in the shape of an owl and the other in the shape of a tortoise.