Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Scarf For All Seasons

Last week it was so hot I had to pin my hair up just to get it away from my neck. Think about that... I had to pin my hair up!

My head and me have come a long way on our Chemo Chic journey. Two summers ago we were in a state of near total baldness. I remember trying to look at the bright side: no need for washing and styling; big savings in the hair salon column of my annual budget and freedom from the August heat - except that the chemo caused such terrible hot flushes and then I was faced with a choice between wearing a hot, itchy wig or wrapping my baldy bonce in a headscarf. 

The secret is to acquire some light summer scarves in natural fibres, as advocated by this week's guest blogger Mary Ward.

Scarves for Summertime

Scarves are a winter wardrobe staple, but they often fall by the wayside as we're choosing clothes for the hot weather. There may be some days when wearing a scarf around your head just feels like it increases the already boiling temperature by 100 degrees. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn't wear these beautiful works of art during the summer. We just have to be a little more creative about it. There are lots of ways we can use scarves even during the hottest months. This is especially true when we choose silk scarves like these I found on Net-a-Porter.

Scarves made from silk and cotton blends like those are every bit as luxurious as Pashmina scarves, yet not nearly as hot for wearing around your head.

I can imagine one of these Alexander McQueen scarves looking fabulous worn with jeans or Capris. Pair it with a simple white tee and some big sunglasses and you have a perfectly put together, yet perfectly cool and comfortable summer outfit.

Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen

Did you know that when you're in the sun, covering your head can actually make you cooler? And during the sticky days of September, anything that can make us cooler and look great at the same time is a winner in my book!

Chemotherapy patients may particularly appreciate these scarves for how stylish they are and how cool they'll be in the summer. So many women going through chemo get very stressed out about dressing up and going out when they start to lose their hair. But, with scarves as beautiful as these, you can make a fashion statement with your headwear.

In fact, I recommend getting several scarves like these for your wardrobe. Perhaps purchase one, like this one from Antik, as your "go-to" scarf for summer. It's made of cotton, so it will be especially cool, and has some little mirrored sequins that give it an extra punch of style. It will work well with nearly all of your casual outfits.

Antik Cotton Scarf

But, you may also want a couple more scarves designed to go with specific outfits. For example, can you imagine how cute this Yves St. Laurent animal print scarf would be with your favorite "little black dress"?

Yves St Laurent Silk and Muslin Scarf

Or, try this little number from Matthew Williamson to punch up one of your more neutral outfits.  I love the idea of this scarf with a grey suit or beige pants outfit.

Matthew Williamson Silk Chiffon Scarf

For summer wear, stay away from the heavier scarf materials, like cashmere and wool, and choose these light and comfortable blends of silk, chiffon, cotton and muslin to keep you looking stylish and feeling cool. But, don't forget to check them out again in the autumn, when their luxurious cashmere scarves will keep you nice and cosy as the mercury starts to dip.

Mary Ward shares a passion for pretty things and appreciates the versatility and timelessness of silk scarves for summer fashions.


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