Monday, 25 July 2011

A Scarf Tying Primer

This week Chemo Chic is pleased to bring you some simple scarf-tying how-to videos, courtesy of up-and-coming young writer Sarah Beckman.

Undergoing chemotherapy is a hard time for so many reasons. Your body experiences many changes, and one of the most difficult to deal with is hair loss. Fortunately, there are several lovely ways to cover your head so you can feel confident and beautiful. Wigs and hats are good options for chemo patients, and another favorite head cover method is scarves. Once you know a couple different ways to tie a head scarf, you can buy a few different styles and colors to create a new look every day of the week!

I'm going to show you three different ways to tie a head scarf, but before we get started, a couple of notes:
  • For head scarves, it's best to choose scarves made of light, thinner fabric. These are easier to knot and more likely to stay in place. Linen, jersey, rayon, and cotton make great head scarves.
  • For a special occasion, try satin and silk scarves. These may be more difficult to tie because they're slick fabrics, but they'll add a lovely, feminine touch to your look.
  • For most head scarf looks, you'll need either a basic neck scarf that's rectangular. Or, for some methods, you'll need a square scarf.
Now that the basics are out of the way, we can get into scarf tying!

Bandana Wrap - This is the most basic head scarf. For a good amount of head coverage, try tying your scarf bandana wrap style. A large, square scarf works best for this. For a sweet look take a peek at this adorable square heart scarf!

Rosette Wrap - Try the rosette wrap for a sassy look! You'll need a long neck scarf that isn't too thick. We used a snake print scarf made of a viscose/polyester blend.

Modified Turban Wrap - Turbans are a popular look right now, and this method of tying is secure and chic! We used a solid colored cotton scarf for comfort and security.

Like to wear turban hats? Use a scarf to spice up your turban! Using a skinny scarf, start twisting the scarf in the middle. Line the middle of the scarf up with the center of your forehead, and continue twisting the ends down to the base of your head. When you reach the base of your head (where your head meets your neck) secure the scarf with a double knot -- or a bow for a sweet look!

If you're on the hunt for other ways to wear neck and head scarves, check out where there are 37 ways to tie a scarf! I'm always on the lookout for new ways to wear a head scarf - please share your tips and tricks in the comments!

Author bio: Sarah Beckman has had a life-long love for fashion. She works as a writer and editor for Affordable Style. And in her free time? Sarah's busy planning her October 1 wedding!


Unknown said...

Wow! Interesting post! Thank you for sharing. Find your wigs cancer patients over the web-stores at fair prices.

pat said...

Thank you , first timer and no problem.

c_duncalf said...

Thank you for sharing these how to videos, and for explaining how different scarves and suited for different occasions. I got a beautiful and very feminine headscarf made from bamboo from the website Live Better With. Really recommend bamboo as it's warm but breathable, and absorbent so you don't have to worry about sweating. Comes in different colours but I got the Cerise one. Very pretty, highly recommend.

c_duncalf said...

Sorry that was supposed to say "explaining how different scarves are suited for different occasions." Couldn't find the edit button!