Friday, 17 September 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh My!

Sheldon has gone to the country for a few weeks – well Essex. It’s so remote down there that they don’t have mobile phone reception. No more 9 a.m. wake-up calls for Lily. Meanwhile, Wanda and Mr W have gone on holiday to Tanzania. How exotic.

My knowledge of Tanzania is limited but I imagine that it must be stuffed with zebras, hippopotami, alligators and lions. I’m thrilled when my iPhone ting-a-lings. It’s a text from Wanda. I pop it open in full expectation of seeing an exciting photo of Wanda cuddling a tiger cub or Mr W saving her from the jaws of a rhino.

Text from Wanda:
Canalily, get out of bed your life is waiting! Love from Wx in Tanzania.


Anonymous said...

Jessy we all miss you!
Love Lily
x x x

Sally said...

and we miss you in Tasmania
(often confused with Tanzania)
The mobile phone reception
here is the same as in Essex.

canalily said...

and I miss you both, Lily and Sally. Wishing I was there in the sunshine. x x x