Saturday, 5 June 2010

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

If you are female, listen up.

If a man says to you “My wife / girlfriend doesn’t understand me,” what he means is: “My wife / girlfriend understands me all too well.”

If he says “You understand me,” what he means is: “I hope to have sex with you until such time as you begin to understand me.”

If he says “I don’t know how to leave my marriage / relationship,” what he means is: “I don’t want to let go of my marriage / relationship nor make any commitment to you but I do want to commit adultery and at the same time exonerate myself from feelings of guilt.”

If he says “I love her but I’m not in love with her,” what he means is: “She accepts me and doesn’t play games or treat me badly. I don’t have to work really hard to gain her approval so I take her for granted.”

What astounds me is how many seemingly bright women simply choose not to see through this rather obvious code. Let's get it right. If he's betraying his wife / girlfriend he will betray you too.


Iris said...

The thing is that there are an awful lot of arrogant women out there who think that they can beat the odds. Women who don't take no for an answer and who do not respond appropriatley to clear signs of trouble . The truth about women is that they choose the men that choose them and then cry a river when it goes wrong. We women need to take personal responsiblity for our relationships and stop confusing alarm bells with wedding bells

thequarefella said...

I agree. Most of the brilliant women that I know, will send their standards and self-esteem plummeting for a scrap of a rotting bone from any old dodgy bloke. While I am compassionate, I am constantly dumbfounded.

Unknown said...

I believe some women are targets for a certain type of bloke who's radar picks up on the needy aspect because they know they can get away with behaving badly . I've seen it happen repeatedly to the same person, yet they don't learn by the experience.

All romance has a bit of the rose tinted specs at the start but sensible women soon see through blokes who behave badly and kick them to the kerb.

Anonymous said...

Takes a lot of courage and determination to get over someone. A part of the process is being angry and seeing what's wrong with them. The challenge is not to get stuck there and become a lonely, man hater.

Anonymous said...

With regard to believing male lovers: there's a fine line between being hopeful or optimistic and deluded!