Monday, 15 February 2010


From: Jamie

Subject: blog

I know you're not feeling the best Lily, but try to continue with your blogging. When we keep our jobs and the little things manageable it makes life a bit easier, and blogging is part of your job. Im sure your readers would like to know how you came to your decision about tamoxifen for example. Also the "getting back into life" part that you are going through now is valuable, and the lack of focus that can happen after treatment has finished.

Try to do a little blogging, it will help.


I am sorry, everyone. I seem to have completely lost interest in writing Chemo Chic. To be honest I can't find much enthusiasm for anything at all.

I had anticipated this year ahead as being one of the happiest of my life: to have survived cancer; to leave behind the dark, gruelling days of surgery and chemotherapy; to be alive and to be in love with a man whom I thought was so wonderful, a man whose company was delightful to me, was a prospect that held nothing but joy.

Now, I can't stop crying.

Instead of lazing on the beach with my lover, I am spending all my time and money going to see a psychotherapist, attending 12-step groups and reading self-help books. And I'm sure that you don't want to hear about that!


Unknown said...

Ah, why not? If you want to write about it, do! It's your blog (and you can cry if you want to). Much love xx

Kumari Salgado said...

I would like to hear as much as you feel comfortable sharing. This is all part of your healing process too - and an inspirational example of self care in action. Much love to you Kxxx

Anne Russell said...

Yes we DO want to hear about that..