Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sommers Bay Beach Fashion

In Tasmania it is thirty-six degrees. Unheard of! All around mum’s house grow spiky sand-grasses called ‘Sags.’ I know from experience that I am allergic to Sags. They bring my feet out in an angry, itchy rash. So on the way through from the airport we stopped off in Sorrell to pick up a pair of knee length socks. Teamed with the rashie, Crocs and a pair of 1970’s boy’s swimming shorts I think this outfit represents a new frontier in beach Chemo Chic.


Anonymous said...

What a truly fab photo!!

Thinking of you,


Anonymous said...

you look wonderful!! happy new year, Jess..sorry to read about Nick, but who needs men when you have fabulous stripey socks!!!!! lots of love to you xx

Anonymous said...

jess, i forgot to sign off, Cathy

canalily said...

So true that. Socks are where it's at!